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All Great Companies Start with an Idea

Some people are more than capable of taking an idea and building a profitable business, while others need real inspiration and creativity to get the idea process started. As a free service, we’re offering a wide variety of business ideas for use as you see fit. Each idea is not the creation of Inovayshin, LLC; we have collected them from multiple sources, including our own staff. Some of ideas may already be in play and global vetting has not occurred.

It’s a good first step to conduct a search to determine if your favorite idea(s) are already publicly available or in the design or development process. If you find an idea that’s similar to one you’re working on, please let us know and we’ll promptly remove it from our list. Our only intention is to provide inspiration so your business achieves maximum success — and perhaps you’ll use our services to support your journey. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Identify a specific problem to be solved, then attempt to identify the idea.
  • Even if competition exists for your favorite idea(s), there still may be an opportunity to design, build, and operate a business in a much better way that could involve, better pricing, higher quality, improved methodology, enhanced customer service and support, etc.
  • A product-related idea can trigger a service idea, and a service-related idea can trigger a product idea.
  • Focus on the customer need or problem to be solved before identifying ways you’d solve it — and be certain you understand the entire customer experience.
  • If a product or service appears to serve one type of market, you may be able to identify other customer types, geographies, industries or markets that can be served in a slightly different manner.

Please note that the formatted ideas appearing below are intentionally placed in random order. We’ve found attempting to categorize them by industry, company type or other parameters tends to limit your search, limiting exposure to all the possibilities for your next innovation.


Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Education, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Sometimes it’s difficult to identify different things to do when you have some free time. We sometimes get into the same habits, not taking the time to explore other interesting things to do, activities, etc.
Opportunity — Create an online tool that allows individuals to enter certain parameters regarding their available time, time of day, geographic location, preference for indoor or outdoor activity, something involving children, etc. The tool can then offer suggestions as to which activities fit into what they’re looking to do. Examples can range from building a puzzle on a rainy day and volunteering at a senior home to attending a baseball game. For each activity selected, there could also be links to specific information and the ability to purchase related products and services if they apply.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Begin by addressing the ways sales revenues could be generated. Access to the online tool could be free, but any purchase of tickets, products, services, etc. would require payment. Identify the market potential with this type of service, then have some fun identifying all the activities, hobbies and other diversions that could be offered.
Posting Date — August 2017

Online Vehicle Education & Testing

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Education, Manufacturing, Transportation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — The owner’s manuals for cars, trucks and other vehicles now contain so much information that many owners aren’t aware of all their vehicle’s capabilities. Manufacturers of those vehicles typically don’t provide sufficient education or awareness, especially those involving safety.
Opportunity — Manufacturers, dealers or other aftermarket suppliers could provide an informative and entertaining online review and testing for vehicle capabilities. The more vehicle owners know about their vehicles, the greater the chance they’ll tell their friends about them and possibly save a life in the process.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify any similar services are already provided. Determine if manufacturers or the vehicle owners would pay for this. Conduct a market need and competitive analysis prior to any detailed business planning effort. If viable, produce a prototype to help generate interest.
Posting Date — August 2017

Non-financial Business Performance

Applicable Industries — Corporate Services, Education
Problem Addressed — The success of any business should be reflected in financial and non-financial terms. Unfortunately, financial reports and industry analyst opinions reflect only part of the story. There are non-financial indicators of performance and success that should also be available to those looking to form a relationship or investment in a business.
Opportunity — Identify non-financial indicators of business success, such as community relations, environmental sensitivity, employee turnover, competition, scalability, social media leverage, customer satisfaction, etc. Build or leverage an online survey tool to gather perspectives from employees, vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders to identify how the individual business is performing. Make the information available to the company and to others through paid memberships or some other way to generate revenue.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — It may be best to select one or two industries to focus on, and then expand from there. Selection of the non-financial indicators of success will be key, since there are at least 60 of them to consider. There are plenty of online survey tools available, so there shouldn’t be any need to create your own. Be sure there is a market for these services before investing too much time and money.
Posting Date — August 2017

Online Movie-Making Education

Applicable Industries — Arts, Education, Media, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — The current structure of the movie industry makes it difficult, if not impossible, for individuals not heavily “connected” to get an opportunity to make and sell movies. There is a huge gap between homemade videos and the independent or major motion pictures distributed through traditional means. Film schools turn out a large number of students each year with hopes and promises of a rewarding film career. Most of those students don’t get the opportunity they need to demonstrate their capabilities and grow their career.
Opportunity — Create an online educational movie site for movie-making that offers tips and techniques for pre-production, production, and post-production.

  • Pre-production topics can include assessment, budgeting, scripting, location selection, permitting, safety, equipment, scheduling, casting, crew, catering, wardrobe, makeup, hair, lighting and props.
  • Production topics can include filming, sound and security.
  • Post-production topics can include editing, music and credits.

Considerations & Suggested Steps — Be sure to identify any competitive sites already performing this type of educational service. It may be best to offer these services free of charge, then generate sales revenues by offering additional products and services.
Posting Date — August 2017

Master Light Switch

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, High Tech
Problem Addressed — With the number of nighttime home invasions increasing, what’s a homeowner or renter to do when someone breaks through one of their doors or windows?
Opportunity — Create a light switch that can shut off all the lights in a home at once. This would hopefully disorient the intruder long enough for the occupants to escape or access other defense options. The intruder won’t know how to maneuver throughout a strange residence in the dark, but the occupants should be able to.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Any design would need to consider how to just shut off all the lights instead of all the electricity. There may be a wireless device that can be inserted between each electrical outlet and the plug from each light source.
Posting Date — August 2017

Collectable Car Designs

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Transportation
Problem Addressed — Many of the cars being manufactured today tend to look alike due to the design software being used to maximize their aerodynamics and therefore, fuel efficiency. Many of the cars produced in the ‘50s and ‘60s continue to dominate collector car auctions because enthusiasts just like the way they look. Why can’t car manufacturers or other companies bring back these popular models and offer them as another option?
Opportunity — Bring back collectable car designs.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Auto manufacturers would need to determine which previously popular models can be fit to chassis being produced today. Aftermarket manufacturers could also provide replacement body panels and associated trim parts to achieve the same look.
Posting Date — August 2017

Restoration Garage

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Media, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment, Transportation
Problem Addressed — Many car enthusiasts would like to build or restore a vintage automobile but simply don’t have the room in their garage or the tools and know-how to complete such a task.
Opportunity — Create a multi-car restoration garage concept to help weekend or full-time automotive enthusiasts and restorers have a place to store and work on their cars, order and store parts, rent tools, and have access to the automotive knowledge and guidance they need. The restoration garage could also offer to sell the restorations to the general public as another service. This might be a good candidate for a franchise model.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine a good location based on local demographic data. Identify the number of automotive bays required to make such a venture cost-effective. Create an initial pilot location to test the concept, and then roll it out to multiple locations.
Posting Date — August 2017

CFL Bulb Recycling

Applicable Industry — Consumer Goods
Problem Addressed — CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs contain mercury, which is a dangerous neurotoxin that poses a high risk of birth defects after exposure. Most people aren’t aware of this and therefore, aren’t careful about their disposal.
Opportunity — Create an in-store or standalone recycle facility for CFL bulbs to allow for the proper handling and disposal of them. Replacement bulbs could also be sold at these locations as well as services associated with the selection of the correct bulb for each use.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the level of infrastructure required for proper handling, transportation and disposal of the bulbs. Estimate the revenue potential, as well as city, county and state funding that might be available.
Posting Date — August 2017

Hotel Selection Tool

Applicable Industries — Education, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Many hotel websites assume visitors already know where they would like to stay or at least, which city they’d like to visit. This may be appropriate for some, but others might only know the activities they’d like to do during their visit — not the city or hotel that offers them. Reading the list of activities and amenities for each hotel property is not an effective way to select the right hotel.
Opportunity – Create a hotel selection tool (application or “app”) or modify an existing hotel website to enable potential guests to select all the activities they’d like to be involved in — then provide a list of applicable hotels by country, state, or city they can select from to determine the best hotel for them. As an example, let’s say you’d like to arrange for a romantic one-horse open sleigh ride sometime this winter. Would you know which hotels offer such an activity?

Considerations & Suggested Steps — Get the Marketing Department involved in this first to help design the functionality of the hotel selection tool. Once the functionality is determined, get the IT (information technology) Department involved. This could also be an online service provided by a company not currently involved in the hospitality business.
Posting Date — August 2017

Prison Business Education

Applicable Industries — Education, Legal
Problem Addressed — Many convicted felons find it difficult to find a job once they’re released from prison due to the background checks performed by potential employers. Frustrated, these felons often resort to the same illegal activities that brought them to prison in the first place.
Opportunity — Design and offer a mini-MBA program for prisoners to help provide them with the basic business knowledge they need to launch and operate their own business.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine if any such program already exists. If so, there may be a way to enhance it to allow for even more success. Success should not only be judged by how many programs are taught, but how many successful businesses are built because of them.
Posting Date — August 2017

Advanced Dating Service

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Education, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Many of the dating websites today reflect information and photos that aren’t validated, truthful or reliable. Much of the information is only provided by the individual who signs up on the website, without any accountability for accuracy or the truth.
Opportunity — Create a dating website and service that validates the information residing on the website. This includes validation of education and degrees, criminal history, driving record, references, photos, etc. Collect input from a minimum of three personal and professional references. Ensure photographs are updated on an annual basis. Consider allowing for personality testing to enable better matches. If anyone finds information that’s not correct, the website membership could be terminated.

Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify the controls and information that aren’t provided by existing dating websites. Listen to the complaints people are sharing on social media and design the website functionality and services accordingly.
Posting Date — August 2017

Drone Police

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Government, High Tech
Problem Addressed — Crime continues to plague individuals and families at home, work, and play. Security systems and calling 911 are options, but there’s got to be better options available.
Opportunity — Create a service leveraging drones that can be released from a home, car or business to get help, photograph, monitor surroundings, transmit instructions, etc. Centralized monitoring and event recording could also be provided. When someone is in trouble, they could trigger the launch of the drone from a rooftop, car trunk, or parking lot that would instantly be connected to a centralized support location that could see and hear what’s going on and respond accordingly, even communicating directly with the perpetrators.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the required functionality of such a product and service, and then identify all the competition, if any. This may be a good candidate as an enhanced service offering by an existing security and monitoring company, or as a completely standalone business. The capability of drones certainly exists right now, so the challenge would be to wrap a security business around them.
Posting Date — August 2017

Electric Shaver Fan

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — When an electric or battery-powered shaved is used, the small hair particles collect under the foil and dissipate around the entire shaver. These small particles can then be inhaled during the shaving process. This can easily be viewed by using a shaver under a bright overhead light. A small amount of inhaled particles may not pose an immediate threat, but who knows what the long-term effect might be from continued exposure.

Opportunity — Enhance the current design of any electric shaver or design a completely new version that contains a small internal fan to direct the hair particles downward toward the base of the shaver and the floor rather than allow them to flow around the entire shaver and be inhaled.

Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify the potential long-term effect of inhaled hair particles to help determine the potential market for such a product. Take an existing shaver design to determine the power and space available to power a small fan during each shave. The fan would need to be strong enough to keep hair particles from escaping the head area of the shaver and be directed downward, probably through a small tube with an opening at the shaver’s bottom.
Posting Date — August 2017

Dental Respirator

Applicable Industries — Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — One teeth-cleaning option offered today is a stream of baking powder directed as a mist against the tooth surface. This option does a great job, but unfortunately it fills the entire surrounding area with the mist that is inhaled through the nose and mouth during the cleaning procedure. Many dental hygienists are cautioning their patients with respiratory issues to avoid the procedure.
Opportunity — Create a dental respirator device, like a small tube, that can easily be fitted against the nasal opening during the cleaning procedure to allow clean air to be inhaled from a location behind the head or another location not affected by the baking powder mist.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Get some tubing and build a prototype. This should be an inexpensive product, but one that could eventually be required during each cleaning procedure.
Posting Date — August 2017

Diabetic Odor Monitor

Applicable Industries — Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — Diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar levels to avoid medical complications. Some use service dogs that can smell the odor given off when the diabetic’s blood sugar level is getting dangerously low. Many diabetics can’t afford service dogs and some forget to monitor their blood sugar on a routine basis.
Diabetic Odor Monitor — If a dog can smell such an odor on a diabetic, there’s got to be a small device that can be designed and worn that recognizes the same odor electronically and hopefully with a greater level of precision.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify if any such product already exists and if so, if it can be reduced to a small, dependable, and cost-effective size.
Posting Date — August 2017

Food Labeling

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Government, Medical/Healthcare, Organizations, Non-Profit Services
Problem Addressed — Food labels today reflect nutritional information and even the location where some products were grown or born. This information does not address the need for consumers to know the levels of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides contained in their food. Hormones that enable cattle to become larger also make consumers larger. Antibiotics in food can build resistance to those antibiotics in consumers. Pesticides on fruits and vegetables can be transmitted directly to the consumer or via the animals that consume those fruits and vegetables.
Opportunity — Improve food labels to reflect detected levels of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine why governments are not requiring this information already and if there’s any possibility to convince them otherwise. An independent service or agency may be able to provide improved food labels, but at what cost and who would pay more for such information? Since some consumers are already paying more for organic foods, there may be a market for those who would pay more for better information on their food labels.
Posting Date — August 2017

Floor-level Alert Buttons

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — People of all ages can fall, pass out or be injured in their home or business and unable to reach a phone to call for assistance. Some may even have communication devices they wear around their neck, but may not always be wearing such a device.
Opportunity — Mount emergency alert buttons on the floor of each room or along the baseboards of rooms most often used by the occupants. These buttons could be just an extension of any existing product and service or a completely new approach.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify any competition to arrive at a functional model that can serve as a prototype. This may be a good way for existing emergency service providers to expand their current product line. One challenge to overcome would involve protecting the emergency alert button from damage or from any tripping hazard it may present during normal walking, vacuuming, pets, etc. A protective cover may help with this.
Posting Date — August 2017

Outdoor Furniture Storage

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Outdoor furniture manufacturers that provide cushions with their products don’t provide a solution to store those cushions during winter months or bad weather. Some already offer covers for their products, but they may not protect against the damaging rays of the sun.
Opportunity — Design weatherproof enclosures to help protect cushions when not in use. This could be an extension to an existing product line or another business altogether.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — If you’re an existing outdoor furniture manufacturer, attempt to serve the entire customer experience by offering storage solutions for cushions. If you’re not an existing manufacturer, identify the standard cushion sizes and design a storage solution.
Posting Date — August 2017

Trade Show Man Cave/She Shed

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Education, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — There are many conferences and trade shows that cater to specific interests of men and women, such as car shows, gun shows, cigar events, watches, hunting and outdoor activities, etc. There isn’t any known conference or trade show that combines many of the most popular topics under one roof.
Opportunity — Design a trade show that has a variety of topics centralized in different locations within the show itself. This would allow all those interested in a specific topic to be around others with similar interests, including online access to purchase related products and services associated with the topic of interest.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the topics of interest, then design a prototype layout of the conference floor to help generate interest by product and service providers.
Posting Date — August 2017

Lifetime Career Management

Applicable Industries — Corporate Services, Education, Organizations, Non-Profit
Problem Addressed — The current recruiting process used by many companies is horribly broken. The process of matching each job posting with the right candidate is often driven by individuals whose only reflection of success is the number of positions filled that quarter and not how long the new employee stays with their new employer or the level of job satisfaction they realize. The amount of duplicated effort for each candidate as they progress from one employer to another is staggering. Why do college transcripts need to be verified each time an individual gets a new job? Why do personal and professional references need to be contacted again and again? As more and more companies look to address an immediate need to fill a position, who is looking out for the overall career progression of the individual? Is there such thing as a “career” anymore in this process or is it a “gig-based” economy?
Opportunity — Create a service that serves as a career “agent” for anyone looking to advance their career. Celebrities and professional athletes have agents, so why not other professionals? This career management service could evolve over the lifetime of each person, continuously gathering and storing all their relevant information in a centralized database so it doesn’t have to be verified for each new job or position. This new service could proactively match candidate characteristics and preferences with companies that might be a good fit. The companies and candidates could then decide if they’d like to schedule a phone call or meeting to determine any next steps. There wouldn’t be any need for job posting and resume processing anymore. No need for recruiters, either, only hiring managers and highly qualified candidates proactively identified by technology.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify the negative experiences encountered by candidates, recruiters and hiring managers throughout the current recruiting process. Perform a functional design to overcome these negative experiences coupled with a centralized database approach for information storage as well as a lifetime career agent approach.
Posting Date — August 2017

Western-themed Bar

Applicable Industries — Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Everyone who enjoys watching old Western movies can only watch and not personally experience what it was really like during that time in American history.
Opportunity — Create a realistic Western-themed bar or lounge to allow people an authentic Western experience. This could include the wooden floors, whiskey in corked bottles, saloon doors, card playing and a piano player as well as other common elements from that era.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine what an authentic Western bar should have and offer to guests, then decide whether to build one from the ground up or enhance an existing bar location.
Posting Date — August 2017

Solar Panel Misting System

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, High Tech
Problem Addressed — Solar panels get dusty and dirty, which can reduce the amount of power they generate.
Opportunity — Design and build a rooftop misting system to help periodically clean solar panels. Once a power production drop is detected by an existing solar system, a signal could be sent to the misting system to dispense water or another cleaner over the solar panels. An increase in power production could then indicate a successful cleaning process.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine how often a solar panel needs cleaning and in which geographic areas. Compare the lower power production and cost of cleaning with the initial and ongoing cost of a misting system solution. If acceptable, build an initial prototype to accommodate an average-size solar panel and determine if mass production is appropriate. Existing solar panel manufacturers may want to offer this as an extension to their current product line.
Posting Date — August 2017

Ride-sharing Driver Support

Applicable Industries — Travel, Entertainment, Transportation
Problem Addressed — Taxicab drivers have a centralized dispatch and support center where they bring their cars when they have any issues to address. Now that many individuals working with companies such as Uber and Lyft are using their personal vehicles, where can they go for centralized support?
Opportunity — Provide centralized support locations for Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing drivers. There may be a market to offer 24-hour automotive and cleanup services to these drivers as well as other support products and services they may want to purchase for their customers such as reading materials, water bottles, mints, food, etc.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Interview a few Uber and Lyft drivers to identify their needs and if there’s a market to address.
Posting Date — August 2017

Home Bar Options

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Many homes and apartments don’t have bars that can be used for personal enjoyment or entertaining others. For many, available space and cost are issues to consider.
Opportunity — Create a home bar design business to optimize available space in any home or apartment. Customers could provide a photo of their available space along with height, width and depth measurements to enable a variety of design solutions to be generated. A menu of bar items could also be offered, such as glasses, shakers, bottle openers, etc.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify any competition and determine how to improve upon what’s currently offered.
Posting Date — August 2017

Pool Water Analyzer & Dispenser

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, High Tech, Medical/Healthcare, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Checking pool water on a weekly basis or bringing water samples to store locations for analysis is often time-consuming and possibly dangerous when transporting or using hazardous chemicals.
Opportunity — Create a pool water analyzer to continuously monitor and automatically dispense pool chemicals when required. The system could dispense the required amounts from large containers located near the pool filter to avoid frequent handling of them.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Many pool supply stores already have pool water analyzers. The challenge here would be to adapt such analyzers for individual home use. The cost of installing such a system would need to be compared to the tangible and intangible benefits to make sense building a business around this product.
Posting Date — August 2017

Trash Can Barcode Reader

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, High Tech
Problem Addressed — When household products are finished being used and thrown away, there is a need to capture this information to create an ongoing shopping list so the products could be replaced during the next visit to the grocery store. Many individuals don’t have the time or discipline to add to their shopping list each time an item is thrown away, if they even maintain such a list at all.
Opportunity — Design a trash can with a built-in bar code reader to record what’s being thrown away. It would read existing labels on food items and automatically interface with a laptop or smart phone to maintain an ongoing shopping list
Considerations & Suggested Steps – Check out modern refrigerators that take photos of food instead of reading the bar codes. Determine if there’s a more cost-effective solution that will sell.
Posting Date – August, 2017

Home Sale Services

Applicable Industry — Service
Problem Addressed — Many homes for sale don’t present well to potential buyers due to the level of personal items, clutter, required maintenance and repair, and other detracting conditions. For a home to appeal to the most potential buyers, these conditions need to be addressed prior to listing it for sale and prior to showing it each time to potential buyers.
Opportunity — Offer pre-listing and pre-showing services to help sellers (and their agents) present the home in the best possible condition. These services could include removal and packing of personal photos, removal and packing of collectibles, lawn maintenance, lightbulb replacement, window washing, pool maintenance, touch-up painting, repairs, etc.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine if the selling agents, sellers or both would pay for these services. Many selling agents refuse to confront their sellers with the need to improve the appearance of their home for fear of losing the listing. Some sellers can’t prepare their home for the best possible showing each time they receive a call from their agent. Consider offering a menu-based set of products and services that best fit the individual needs of each seller and their home.
Posting Date — August 2017

Pop-up Lighting

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Trying to read while sitting on a couch or chair can often be challenging due to poor lighting conditions or lamps that aren’t located nearby.
Opportunity — Provide pop-up reading lights on back of couches and chairs that are hidden when not in use. A small round plate could be all that’s visible, providing a pop-up light source when pushed down and released.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — This may be a good opportunity for existing furniture manufacturers as an extension or option for an existing product line. Trying to retro-fit such a device to existing furniture could be challenging.
Posting Date — August 2017

High School Career Testing

Applicable Industry — Education
Problem Addressed — Many high school students are being pressured before they graduate to determine the career they’d like to pursue or the work they’d like to do. The focus usually tends to be on their ultimate career goal rather than on their next logical step to take. The focus needs to be on what to do next, rather than trying to decide what they’ll eventually end up doing.
Opportunity — Offer personality, behavioral and aptitude tests for high school students to help them determine the first/next step to take in their career. Matching the results of these tests with logical career steps can help avoid wasted time and money while improving subsequent work or educational activities.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify what’s currently provided or available to high school students through their schools as well as any online sources. Identify any gaps between available tests and helping to determine first/next steps in their career.
Posting Date — August 2017

Closet Panic Room

Applicable Industries — Construction, Consumer Goods, High Tech
Problem Addressed — Home invasions, domestic violence and mental illness can often present a dangerous situation, leaving potential victims without many options for safety.
Opportunity — Offer a service to turn any closet into a panic room or safe room. Closet doors could be lined with steel and made to help protect from gun and knife attacks. Battery-powered communication devices for police, a weapons storage unit, and other defensive and offensive capabilities could also be provided.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Consider offering a variety of closet panic rooms, ranging from a basic defense model to more advanced models. This service could retrofit existing closets as well as serve as another option during new home construction.
Posting Date — August 2017

Mobile Home Safety

Applicable Industries — Construction, Recreation, Service
Problem Addressed — Mobile homes don’t typically survive tornados and hurricanes, and don’t offer that much storage, either.
Opportunity — Offer a service to select and bury a commercially available metal storage container under mobile homes for security, safety, and storage. Some of these containers could be as large as the mobile home itself, allowing occupants to descend a stairway connecting their home with the underground container. New mobile home communities could be built with these containers already buried under each home site, along with a connection point once the mobile home is placed above it.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the cost of available metal storage containers as well as the cost of transporting and burying them. Find a company willing to donate an older storage container as a prototype.
Posting Date — August 2017

Healthcare Ride Options

Applicable Industries — Medical/Healthcare, Organizations/Non-Profit, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment, Transportation
Problem Addressed — People with physical challenges and needs may need to arrange for rides just like anyone else. Having to resort to hiring expensive medical transportation may not be a good option for some.
Opportunity — Provide an Uber- or Lyft-like service for individuals with physical challenges who need specialized transportation. This service could be an application downloaded onto their smartphones that allows technology to match certain transportation requirements — including hydraulic lifts or ramps for a wheelchair, special steps, interior tie-downs, etc. — with available transportation in the area.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine if any existing ride-sharing applications currently provide such a specialized service for those with physical challenges. Be sure to conduct a thorough risk assessment along with identifying required licenses, certifications and insurance.
Posting Date — August 2017

Life Capsule

Applicable Industries — Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Many people take photos during their daily lives, collect and store items of value, write letters, receive awards, etc. but don’t have any way to encapsulate them into a convenient approach to sharing their lives with others at some point in the future.
Opportunity — Offer a life capsule concept, like a time capsule, that allows individuals to electronically and physically capture important items throughout their lifetime. This business could proactively reach out to customers on a periodic basis, say monthly or quarterly, to capture their input on predetermined topics, enable physical storage of items, and provide other related services.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Identify information that would need to be stored electronically as well as the size and type of physical storage containers that could safely and conveniently store the items desired by each customer. The containers could be stored in a warehouse facility or at the home of the individual customer for future access.
Posting Date — August 2017

Online Trade Show Service

Applicable Industries — Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Many people find it cost-prohibitive to attend all the trade shows and conferences that interest them. Travel, hotel and out-of-pocket expenses can really add up, in addition to the cost of attending the trade show or conference itself.
Opportunity — Enable people to go online and view a trade show or conference as if they were walking down an aisle, viewing exhibits, gathering business cards, receiving materials, and interacting with the exhibitors. Once a trade show or conference is ready for public attendance, an interactive camera crew could capture all the exhibit images aisle by aisle for online display immediately afterward. There could be chat boxes, information request buttons, business card exchange capability, etc. Online “attendees” could navigate the entire show floor via their laptop or mobile device.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — There are online 3D navigation tools already available for viewing homes for sale and other products. Identify suitable options for trade show use to develop a prototype.
Posting Date — August 2017

Family Capability Testing

Applicable Industries — Education, Medical/Healthcare, Organizations/Non-Profit
Problem Addressed — Many couples and individuals decide to start or expand their family without much thought given to their short- and long-term qualifications or the potential impact of such a decision.
Opportunity — Provide pre-marriage and pre-child assessments to determine qualifications, timing, family background, blood type, psychological considerations, financial capabilities, work-life balance, etc. Raising the awareness level of everyone involved could help them make a more informed and timely decision. Education can also be available to help parents become better mothers and fathers.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Conduct some research to identify current assessment tools and educational materials on this topic. Identify how they could be better, along with a survey component to determine the satisfaction level of each participant.
Posting Date — August 2017

Hidden Weapons

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Individuals and families would like to protect themselves from intruders, but don’t want to leave obvious weapons laying around for children or guests to handle.
Opportunity — Design, build and offer a series of standard household items that can quickly serve as handheld weapons if the opportunity presents itself. Examples include candlesticks with a heavy bottom, bedside lamps that can be pulled apart to expose a sharp edge and curtain rods that can be used as a spear to keep intruders at a distance.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Select a standard household item and build a prototype. Determine where and how it could be sold, including martial arts studios, security companies, and gun stores or shows.
Posting Date — August 2017

Flower by Number Kit

Applicable Industries — Arts, Consumer Goods, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — The beauty of flower petal art created in such countries as India isn’t available for viewing and enjoying everywhere. A design is usually drawn on a floor, sidewalk or even the ground, then filled in with a variety of flower petals to create a wonderful work of art.
Opportunity — Create something like a Flower by Number kit where a series of designs are available or provided, along with containers of fresh flower petals. The petals would then be arranged according to the numbers or descriptions appearing on the design.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — This could be a great extension to any flower shop’s product line, or a separate business altogether.
Posting Date — August 2017

Liquor Aging Device

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation
Problem Addressed — The longer whiskey or scotch reside in their barrels during the aging process, the higher the cost to the consumer. Some people can’t afford the more aged liquors.
Opportunity — Extend the aging process into the home by providing some type of charcoal filter tube or barrel for whiskey or scotch to be placed and left to age for as long as desired. Small oak barrels could also be manufactured like the larger ones, but only to hold a few bottles or so.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Confirm that the whiskey aging process, after interrupted by bottling, can be continued once the contents of a bottle are returned to a similar container in the home. If so, build a prototype and conduct a test.
Posting Date — August 2017

Home Escalator

Applicable Industries — Construction, Consumer Goods, Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — For a variety of reasons, some individuals have a difficult time climbing or descending stairs in their home. There are some systems available that allow an individual to sit on a seat that travels up and down their stairway. Why not take that concept to the next level and provide a home escalator, like those in department stores and malls, only smaller and with a much lower cost?
Opportunity — Design an in-home escalator system that can be activated with the touch of a button. When not in use, it serves as a standard staircase.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the initial and ongoing costs of such a system to the consumer. The costs will help determine the size of the potential market.
Posting Date — August 2017

Online Psychological Diagnosis

Applicable Industries — Education, Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed —There are online tools and applications for diagnosing medical issues, but not any that are well known for diagnosing psychological issues.
Opportunity — Design, build and operate an online psychological diagnosis application, offing possible treatment options as well.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine any competitive products and their level of success. Identify ways to enhance their capability. Be ready for a high degree of legal disclaimers that will be necessary to avoid complications.
Posting Date — August 2017

Home Electricity Generation

Applicable Industries — High Tech, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Solar panels can help reduce the cost of electricity in homes, but there don’t appear to be many other cost-effective options for generating and storing additional power.
Opportunity — Consider generating electricity by using in-home exercise equipment. Any exercise equipment that involves a pedal or other rotating capability can be adapted to generate and store electricity for home use.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine how much electricity can be generated through this approach. If attractive, design and build a prototype.
Posting Date — August 2017

Cedar Closet Storage Units

Applicable Industry — Service
Problem Addressed — Some men and women have too many clothes to safely and conveniently store in their homes. Rotating clothes for each season can be inconvenient, assuming there’s enough closet space in the home to begin with.
Opportunity — Build or modify public storage units so they resemble closets lined with cedar. These closet storage units could be available in many sizes, offering a temperature-controlled, bug-free environment and other benefits.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — This could be an attractive option for more affluent neighborhoods, especially if transportation of clothing is provided to and from their closet storage unit. Consider including webcam functionality so the clothing owners can view their stored belongings at any time.
Posting Date — August 2017

Razor Extension Handle

Applicable Industry — Consumer Goods
Problem Addressed — Trimming back hair with a standard electric shaver or razor is challenging, if not impossible.
Opportunity — Design and build a handle extension that can be adapted to any type of handheld razor to enable reaching every part of a back that needs shaving.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Build a prototype out of plastic or wood, then determine the most cost-effective and safe option to offer for sale.
Posting Date — August 2017

Bucket List Services

Applicable Industries — Organizations/Non-Profit, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment, Service
Problem Addressed — Many individuals have one or more things they’d like to do before their life ends — bucket list items. For many, these things are not possible or practical due to costs and other factors.
Opportunity — Create a non-profit business to help people achieve one or more of their bucket list items. There could be ways to accept donations to help with payment, as well as offering volume discounts when combining the same bucket list items together for those who wouldn’t mind sharing their experience. Once a bucket list activity is completed, gather feedback from those who participated and communicate back to the donors who helped make it happen.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Obtain non-profit status and begin accepting donations to help make many dreams come true. This should be a rewarding and fun venture.
Posting Date — August 2017

Online Greeting Card Production

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment, Service
Problem Addressed — When selecting a greeting card, it can be difficult to find the right wording and the right images on the front as well as the inside.
Opportunity — Create an online greeting card application that allows customers to select a size, search for the right images, select or write the text, and add other decorations. Online reminders could also be scheduled for future events.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine if existing card companies offer a service like this. If so, figure out how to make your idea different. If not, go for it — perhaps running a competition to establish an initial library of images and text by subject.
Posting Date — August 2017

Project Management Office

Applicable Industry — Corporate Services
Problem Addressed — Many companies can’t successfully conduct internal projects while trying to balance that work with what’s required to conduct their daily operations.
Opportunity — Provide a Project Management Office (PMO) outsourcing service that provides the following project-based service to clients: definition of “project,” project definition template, project business case, project work planning and budgeting by phase, project methodologies, project review and approval coordination, customized project launch templates, project staffing, project status reporting, and customized project wrap-up checklists, to name a few.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Define the functionality of this PMO business, then draft a proposal template that can be sent to potential clients for their consideration and approval.
Posting Date — August 2017

Disability Job Board

Applicable Industries — Education, Medical/Healthcare, Organizations/Non-Profit, Service
Problem Addressed — For those with disabilities, it can be difficult to find a job that meets their needs.
Opportunity — Create an online disability job board that matches an individual’s disability with jobs in their area that can accommodate it.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Conduct research to determine if a similar service is already available. If so, make it better. If not, proceed with a functional design of the system and proceed to the technical design once scope control is in place for phase one of the work.
Posting Date — August 2017

Perfume Additive

Applicable Industry — Consumer Goods
Problem Addressed — Perfume manufacturers are being required to remove certain chemicals and ingredients from their formulas. This requirement is reducing the lasting effects of perfume, making scents disappear in a shorter amount of time once applied to the skin.
Opportunity — Offer a chemical or solution that can be added to the perfume by the consumer to help make its scent last longer.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Check to see if it’s possible to make perfume last longer with this approach. If so, obtain the chemical or solution and conduct some testing to determine if it’s worth moving forward.
Posting Date — August 2017

Reality Check Service

Applicable Industry — Service
Problem Addressed — Sometimes people need a “reality check” from their friends, relatives, or colleagues to verify some information they’ve received, vet an opportunity they have, or review other situations where another opinion would be helpful. Depending on who is asked, each reality check may or may not be useful or dependable.
Opportunity — Create an online reality check service to provide helpful reality checks to those who need them.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — This could be offered as a free online service, with revenues being generated from online advertising and the sale of related products and services.
Posting Date — August 2017

Winter Weather Gear Rental

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Recreation, Travel, Service
Problem Addressed — This rental service would cater to folks who live in temperate climates and are traveling to “cold country” during the winter. Many of them don’t have the necessary gear to protect them from Mother Nature: heavy coats, gloves, boots, hats, scarves, etc.
Opportunity — Why not offer rentals of these items in major airports in cities like Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Boston, etc.? People could reserve items upon booking their travel, selecting sizes as applicable and styles like casual or dressy. This relieves them of having to purchase winter gear they’ll never use at home and keeps them cozy while traveling.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine the market need for such a seasonal business, as well as the cost versus benefits of such an investment.
Posting Date — August 2017

Centralized Makeover Services

Applicable Industries — Medical/Healthcare, Service
Problem Addressed — Some people would like to enjoy the benefits of a makeover, during which their physical appearance is improved through focus on one or more of the following: hair style and color, makeup, corrective lenses, dental work, jewelry, wardrobe, physical condition, skin treatment, etc. It’s difficult for these individuals to know what to do first, who they should involve and at what cost.
Opportunity — There are many services available to address each individual area listed above, but they’re not all under one roof. Imagine an intake (or triage) process where a small team views people’s photos or meets with them to make recommendations as to how they could achieve the new “look” they seek. Once the overall approach is agreed upon, work can then begin in a phased approach to provide maximum benefit to customers.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Abandoned grocery or department store locations could make a good commercial location for creating such a business. Individual businesses could be established within the facility to provide a variety of services, providing a commission to the owner of the business after each sale.
Posting Date — August 2017

Volunteer Website

Applicable Industries — Organizations/Non-Profit, Recreation
Problem Addressed — Many people find themselves with some spare time they could dedicate to volunteering, but aren’t aware of all the options that could apply to their availability and skills.
Opportunity — Build a volunteer website that can match the needs of non-profit and other organizations with the available time and skills of potential volunteers. For example, if someone had an extra four hours on a Saturday afternoon to volunteer, they should be able to go to such a website, enter their zip code and be presented with a list of options to choose from.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Create a functional design of such a service, then test it out with some local churches, hospitals, homeless shelters and other locations as well as volunteers who can help finalize the functional design before proceeding with the technical design work.
Posting Date — August 2017

Lockable Medicine Cabinet

Applicable Industries — Consumer Goods, Medical/Healthcare
Problem Addressed — Children and visitors to someone’s home could access their medicine cabinet with the intent of removing (stealing) potentially harmful or profitable medicines.
Opportunity — Design and build a lockable medicine cabinet.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Residential and commercial locking systems are widely available, so select one that can easily be adapted to a standard medicine cabinet.
Posting Date — August 2017

Home Schooling Recreation Center

Applicable Industries — Education, Recreation, Travel, Entertainment
Problem Addressed — Children who are homeschooled may not be receiving the benefits of recreational and social activities typically offered through a private or public school system.
Opportunity — Build a local recreation center that can service the recreational and social needs of nearby children who are being homeschooled.
Considerations & Suggested Steps — Determine which services would provide the most value to the typical homeschooled child, if there is such a thing. Consider whether there would be any value in providing reliable transportation to and from the center and at what cost and liability.
Posting Date — August 2017