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Prevail with Innovation Alignment

Welcome to Inovayshin, your partner in innovation success. We differentiate ourselves from the sea of business consultants and advisors in five distinct ways:

Our Point of View — Innovation is a process that can be designed, improved, owned and measured. This process must align with realistic, measureable goals and have the right people who can perform it. We believe each organization must start by agreeing on how it defines innovation, along with the estimated monetary value of improving its ability to innovate — to help ensure an acceptable return on investment when selecting potential solutions. We also believe a lack of organization alignment is typically the root cause of businesses’ inability to achieve their goals and expected outcomes.

Our Phased Approach — We start by documenting your goals and expected outcomes as well as what’s standing in the way. Solutions will be identified, prioritized and planned so you have a roadmap to guide your journey to success. The estimated dollar benefits of the solutions should be greater than their costs for it to make sense to proceed to the implementation phase of work.

We typically offer three types of services:

  • Innovation Strategy and Plan Creation
  • Plan Implementation
  • Ongoing Innovation Services

Our Skilled Professionals — Our full- and part-time professionals have deep experience in business, innovation, and management consulting for a wide variety of companies and industries. Their skills are continuously updated in our database to ensure the right people are involved at the right time, in the right location and at the right price. Most, if not all, of our services are designed to be provided virtually, eliminating the need to reimburse travel expenses. If you’re interested in possibly joining our team, visit the Join Us page.

Our Proven Methodology — We don’t waste time focusing on things that don’t matter. Your time and money are valuable, so our methodology is based on proven and tested organization alignment methods that help achieve or exceed expected outcomes. Aligning any team, department or company around innovation will help ensure success. Many of these organization alignment methods appear in Align or Resign, published by Sea Hill Press.

Our Measurable Results — We establish an initial baseline of client-specific metrics and offer to track them over time to suggest course corrections that enable goals and expected outcomes to be reached — and any remaining challenges and innovation barriers to be removed.

“Our systems and processes had evolved to create unintended complexity that was weighing our business down and slowing our growth. Through our work with Inovayshin, we’ve been able to understand our business more clearly, from a strategy, process and people standpoint. As a result, we’ve developed an innovative road map to aligning our business, shifting our collective mindset, and charging down a clear path for success.”

Scott Blanchard, Principal and EVP, Howard Farfel, President | The Ken Blanchard Companies

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